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Re: Squirrely EDP: Fixed

It had the round sockets.  I just remember changing the eproms on my
AdrenaLinn a few months ago and it seemed to take a lot more effort to pry
them out (with a chip puller) than it did taking out the EDP eproms.  
Could it
be the chip itself have thinner contacts?  Is this all just a ploy to get 
to upgrade to Loop4? ;)  "Loop4!  Now with BIG contacts!"

Anyway, this chip didn't "work itself out" it just seemed to have gotten 
in badly.  I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

Mark Sottilaro

Andy Ewen wrote:

> Glad you found the problem. I'll be speaking to the test engineers 
> as they are making more units at the end of the week.
> Can you remember if the sockets for the EPROMS had round pins or flat 
> where the chip legs locate? I changed from the flat, clamp-like sockets a
> couple of years ago due to the chips working loose. The newer round-pin
> sockets are much higher quality, (supposedly better retention) and I'd be
> really interested in which ones your unit has.
> Thanks,
> Andy.
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> From: Mark Sottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
> Sent: 04 September 2002 16:52
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> Subject: Squirrely EDP: Fixed
> OK, I finally got sick of the occasional rebooting of my EDP and opened
> it up.  I'm glad I did, as it wasn't a eprom that needed reseating.  The
> eprom had been put in so that one of the pins wasn't even in it's
> socket!  It was bent and touching the contact, but not in it.  YIPE!
> How did that get out the door?  I had to be very gentle, but I got it
> straightened out and back in and now all seems fine.  So anyway, if your
> EDP is acting weird, open it up and take a look.  I also noticed that it
> took a lot less force to get the eproms out than other devices I've done
> this too.  Probably why a lot of us have to reseat then in the first
> place.
> Mark Sottilaro