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Re: Repeater levels/ noise

On Tuesday, September 3, 2002, at 03:05  PM, Greg House wrote:
>> Are these Repeaters inherently noisey?
> Not unless you run them with improper signal levels. The Repeater is
> designed for line level signals. I don't know the handsonic for sure,
> but I'd expect it to produce lower signal levels, so a preamp will
> probaby be required to get it's level up to what the Repeater wants.

I'm sure the Handsonic is just like every other piece of Roland 
electronic drum gear, and it puts out a nice line level.  Make sure the 
output is pretty much all the way up.  Boosting a weak signal is a good 
way to get noise.

I just realized... are you using the front jack on the Repeater?  That 
would do it, as it's designed for lower level stuff like a guitar.  
Also, there's the phono inputs.  Avoid them unless you're using a 
phonograph.  Also, the Repeater is really not made to go into the input 
of a guitar amp.  Electrix recommended that the front input level should 
be around 10:00.

Unless you've got a defective unit, the Repeater should be pretty damn 

Mark Sottilaro