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Re: headphones

> i was told that a certain type of sony headphone is great for doing
> mixes becuase of its "true" or flat sound.   

The Sony MDR-V6/7506 (same thing, different price) is probably the
one you were referred to.  I wouldn't say it's loud (unless you 
turn the volume up), but it is just slightly bright, which is a good
thing, because it helps you hear detail and things like hiss.  It 
also has fantastic low frequency extension, so you can hear things 
like microphone rumble (which you can't on most nearfield monitors,
unless you have a really good sub).

I would have to disagree with the HD600 as a monitoring headphone.
It's fine for "pleasure" listening, but I would not use it for
critical listening -- the upper frequency extension is too laid
back, so you'll be straining to hear detail.  It's also open, 
which makes it a bad choice for mixing.

> Doesen't really matter to me- any monitor/headphone you buy will 
> need to be "learned" - 

This is brilliant advice.  Whatever you do, learn it.

I also agree with the advice of listening to your mix on multiple
platforms -- even a mono one -- before distribution.

> The only thing that I hate about the MDR-7506 is the suction on 
> my ears with bass notes, ugggh!  

Not sure I understand this, but if you're talking about the pad,
there's actually a mod for this.  I forget which model, exactly,
but you buy a replacement pad for one of the Beyer's, and put it
on.  It's on here somewhere:


This is where I get most of my advice.  (I actually know more 
about headphones than looping.  I have...[does a quick count]...over 
10 pairs of headphones.  And growing.)

> for mixing I'd have to reccommend the AKG 240S. 

I've heard good things about those, too.  I'll have to get a pair

Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
> i like beyerdynamic dt's.
> best,
> dt / splattercell

Aw, sweet, you wouldn't mean the DT770's, would you?  I _live_ in
those.  But again, not the last word in detail.
I remain,
:-Peter aka :-Dusty :-Chalk