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Re: Compact Flash Card for Repeater

--- David <vze2ncsr@verizon.net> wrote:
> What's the scoop CFC's for the repeater?
> I see a few mentions that some CFC's aren't so Repeater-Friendly.  Is
> there a recomended brand/size CFC for the Repeater.

The ONLY CFCs that Electrix was recommending by the time they folded
were SimpleTech. There were certain batches of both the 128MB and 256MB
cards which people had problems using with Repeater, but it was
reported that SimpleTech would replace the cards for you. However, from
what I've seen, most people don't have any problems with the cards they

>From what I've read, this is the only brand of cards which will
consistantly record in stereo. I have 2 128MBs and a 16MB and they all
work great. 

> Is 512MB the maximum size?

Yes. Make sure you get the Type 1 card at that size. As I remember,
SimpleTech also makes a Type 2 card which won't work in the Repeater.


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