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Re: Repeater ruminations

Welcome to the world of looping.  I'm a Repeater and EDP owner, and when 
come right down to it it's a matter of what you're trying to do.  The 
is the only game in town if you want a multitrack looper that will synch to
MIDI.  It's REALLY good at synching to MIDI clocks, not so good at having 
synch to it.  There's a ton of stuff in the recent archive about this.  
Put a
MIDI synchable effect processor in it's effects loop and man oh man can 
you have
some fun.

The EDP's strength's like in it's "slice and dice" ability.  You can very 
add and delete chunks in a very intuitive manner.

I think Mark Hamburg's issues with the Repeater's operation comes from 
used to the EDP.  I felt the same way when I got the EDP.  It didn't feel 
intuitive when I wanted to get into it's deeper functions.  You really 
spend an evening with either of these boxes and master then.  They are too 

I really thought that when I got my EDP, I'd be so in love that I'd run 
out and
get another to run in stereo, but it didn't happen.  I'm glad I have one, 
for what I do the Repeater is the main looper for me, without a doubt.  
Too bad
it's gone.  One day I'll add another EDP along with a routing system of 
sort, and it might become my main looper.  I'll still miss the Repeater's 
and pitch shifting abilites.


"Mike B (digiboy)" wrote:

> >Rick Walker kindly loaned me his Repeater last night for a few hours. I
> >tried putting it through some of its paces and had the following 
> >(Some of this is probably already covered on the list. I apologize for 
> >repetition.)
> >
> >The configuration I was testing was HandSonic into the Repeater with a 
> >in the effects loop.
> Interesting because I also have a handsonic and plan to use it with the
> repeater.
> I just got my repeater yesterday and  I'm pretty new to looping.
> I checked into the EDP and  it has alot going for it, especially since it
> has various OS upgrades and options available. I don't see much in the 
> of OS upgrades or options for the Repeater..are there any? Mine has OS 
> What really cinches the Repeater for me is the 4 parallel running tracks.
> That's a major asset for the kind of work I want to do. Does the EDP have
> parallel tracks? I downloaded the EDP manual, didn't see any indication 
> that.  In fact the only other loop device I found with more than 2 tracks
> per loop is that new Roland piece. Am I right?  The Roland  has a lot of
> cool features but very limited loop time...all signs lead me back to the
> Repeater.
> Your other objections, though valid ones,  do not stack up against having
> 4 tracks to mix, bounce, and dub within a loop. At least for me
> I'd be curious to hear from you, or anyone here,  if there is any other
> looping type device that gives you 4 or more trackes per loop...and is 
> some custom made piece.
>   I still have a few days to return the Repeater if I hear about 
> better but I seriously doubt that I will.  Even with my limited "newbie"
> looping skills, I've been amazed at the sounds I can produce. I haven't
> tried it with the Handsopnic yet, just using my electric guitar...
> Thanks,
> Mike B
> Mike Berman
> digiboy@nyc.rr.com