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Re: Synths considered harmful (was Re: Using the Wind Synth tocontrol the Repeater)

OH!  OK.  Yes.  I see what you're saying.  I totally agree. (how about 
that for a 180?)  A lot of times I'm just using an ebow and a wah.  
What's worse is when you're looping all over the place, processing your 
loops like mad, and what do people want to know about?  The $149 AirFX.

I think what it boils down to is this: Looping doesn't seem interesting 
to most musicians when explained or experienced.  You've really just got 
to do it to love it.  I could be wrong.  Maybe there's something about 
us that predisposes us to this, but I don't think so.


On Wednesday, August 28, 2002, at 08:24  AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> Given some of the responses, it's clear that I wasn't clear enough.
> I was not suggesting that looping synthesizers was somehow worse than
> looping other instruments. I was suggesting that from the standpoint of
> promoting looping, synthesizers get in the way because the audience
> dismisses anything interesting they hear as "being a synth" and that 
> this
> spills over to musicians as well looking to broaden their tonal 
> palettes.