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RE: Endorsements/promotion/education/etc...

At the very least, such an ad would need to include web links to
specific sound examples of this stuff, so people could actually fire up
a web browser and HEAR it.  But that could be tricky, since some people
might never get around to doing that looking up.  Even still, a good ad
with some intriguing copy and interesting pictures/quotes/descriptions
could lure some interested parties into checking it out.

** or just put stuff on their existing site without any print advert 
presence - - perhaps they already have this. the idea of having someone 
like yourself or lawson or any of the other folks putting stuff is is a 
damn good one. and it could mean exposure for folks like yourself, etc., 
who could use some. it would be mostly for people who are researching the 
edp, but it would be better than nothing there at all . . . 

A more costly, but probably more effective approach, would be to include
an audio CD (or data CD-ROM with mp3 files) with a specific musical
instrument or technology magazine, showcasing different artists and -
probably even more importantly - different technical and stylistic 

** actually, i don't know how expensive this would really be. as we all 
know cd-r discs are incredibly cheap and abundant and are ruining the 
"music business" ;-)   it seems if you get the artist royalties for $0 - - 
it's also about their promo/exposure (at least for those who don't have 
exposure) - - it comes down to artwork, mastering and duplication . . . 
all of which might be less expensive and more effective than a mag ad 
(which might have copywriting, photo costs, graphics costs and page space 
costs). getting it into the mag might be a tad harder, but it could be 
tied into an article or something?? need to have the sympathetic writer to 
get on board on this last, i expect. 

anyway, hypothetically, it seems to be doable.


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