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Re: loop device endorsement - was Santanas looping bassist

At 04:25 AM 8/27/2002, Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
>the local goddess wrote,
> >Regarding tori looping her voice, well, her voice is getting looped on
> >a
> >BT remix of Blue Sky.  so she isn't actually doing it, but he is, and if
> >Tori fans grab the BT single of her tune, then they'll hear it.
>right; but, within the context of that thread:
>the fans won't *see* it.....

I don't think that is true, actually. It happens by chance I have quite an 
inside view of Tori fandom, although I think this applies outside that 
example to the fans of other artists. Her fans care a lot about her music, 
and really do pay attention to details. They are extremely interested in 
what she does and why, and they do investigate it to learn more. Her music 
means a lot to them, so they care to learn more about it, whether its on 
emotional plane of why she wrote a song or a technical plane of how she 
recorded it.

I remember once being dragged to a listening party for one of her album 
pre-releases. The liner notes described her as playing not just piano, but 
harpsichord, leslie, and marshall. The people there were really curious to 
know what a "leslie" and a "marshall" were, and since I happened to know I 
explained it for them. They were fascinated that she was playing her 
harpsichord through a cranked Marshall guitar amp and running her piano 
through Leslie speakers. (so was I, actually.) They were fascinated to 
learn about a speaker that spun around. They listened back to the songs 
that used those sounds so they could understand what it sounded like and 
think about why Tori wanted that sound there. I think I later even had to 
write something for some Tori fan list explaining Leslie speakers. I don't 
know if any of those fans later went out and bought Marshall stacks for 
their harpsichords, (I try not to pay quite that much attention to 
but they were undeniably interested in it just because of Tori and it was 
not initially obvious to them at all.

Don't underestimate that power.

In fact, from what I understand dt, you can expect some significant 
increase in album sales yerself just for appearing on her album.....


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