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Re: Endorsements/promotion/education/etc...

hep, brother, did we think about the same stuff simultanously!

>At the very least, such an ad would need to include web links to
>specific sound examples of this stuff, so people could actually fire up
>a web browser and HEAR it.  But that could be tricky, since some people
>might never get around to doing that looking up.  Even still, a good ad
>with some intriguing copy and interesting pictures/quotes/descriptions
>could lure some interested parties into checking it out.

amazing how many loopers are not connected or dont care enough

>A more costly, but probably more effective approach, would be to include
>an audio CD (or data CD-ROM with mp3 files) with a specific musical
>instrument or technology magazine, showcasing different artists and -
>probably even more importantly - different technical and stylistic 
>For instance, Gibson could enclose a CD with every copy of Electronic
>Musician or Keyboard magazine, with recordings by various EDP folks
>using the tool in a variety of different contexts.  If you put out a
>disc with Neal Schon, David Torn, Benny Reitveld, Amy Neuberg, Tom
>Heasley, Todd Reynolds, Hans Lindauer, Jon Wagner, and Steve Lawson on
>it, you'd have nine very different technical applications of one looper,
>in nine different STYLISTIC areas.

amazing how many have an old computer and dont care for mp3:
may I suggest a mixture: the first 4 as audio and the rest CD-ROM 
with more mp3 and Quicktime videos of you showing some basic 
functions to give an idea how easy it is to start.

>Everything from electric guitar to voice to violin to bass to tuba to
>solo acoustic percussion to dance electronics would be covered.  That
>could open a lot of people's ears, in a lot of different genres, and it
>could be a nice way to bring more widespread exposure to some more
>obscure artists.

having more space with the mp3, we can also include some more 
noise/colage stuff to suggest that one can have fun even if not 
playing an instrument well.

>Or a more focused approach could work: a Bass Player Magazine EDP disc,
>a Guitar Player one, etc.  It could reach players (and I think "players"
>are probably the prime market for the EDP, at least) who might not be
>inclined to read Electronic Musician or Keyboard.

yes, sound in magazines is just perfect!

>For that matter, a general article in a magazine would be great.

I am supposed to write one with Gary for EM... I will!
others can write for others...

>If one
>or two companies and/or record labels were willing to put some
>advertising money into an issue, that could help spearhead an article
>that, for instance, could talk about different applications for guitar
>looping.  It could cover the usual guitar-loop suspects like Fripp,
>Torn, Michael Brook, Chet Atkins, Keller Williams, Trey Anastasio, etc.
>as well as the not-so-usual ones: guys as far-flung as Neal Schon, Paul
>Dresher, Steve Howe, Claude Voit, et al.  (And since he's a damn fine
>guitarist whether looping or not, I think Matthias Grob is LONG overdue
>for some recognition of his wonderfully musical touch on the six-string.)

gee, you are so sweet... I need to program ;-(

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org