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Re: Pattern Sequencers

I find it intriguing, the editing possibilities of a MIDI sequencer,
combined with the real-time composing and feedback of looping.  Richard, 
mention software toys...any known hardware units?

I don't NEED quantizing, but...:-)

David A.

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> At 12:31 PM -0700 8/26/02, Hans Lindauer wrote:
> >Would there be a use for a device which used the EDP's feature set, but
> >in a MIDI (as opposed to audio) context?  And could the LOOP software be
> >adapted to such a task?
> Such a thing would probably be useful, though a direct mapping of
> Loop IV to a MIDI looping system wouldn't make as much sense as some
> sort of hybrid.
> There have been a number of MIDI recorder/players with loop
> functions. Opcode's Sequencer (later renamed as Vision) was one of
> the first, and it looping was supplemented by randomization features.
> Jam Factory and M offered even more extended "looping plus"
> capabilities, with some power algorithmic regenerators (M is still
> availabe from Cycling '74).
> Many people have taken such MIDI players into interesting realms,
> using languages such as Max, Forth, HMSL, etc.
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