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Re: EDP Hardware Interface

Yo Mark,

Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> Today's time with Andre Lafosse pointed out that it *really* is almost
> necessary to have a MIDI controller to work with loop 4 to it's
> fullest.

I agree - though I also hasten to add that, in my opinion, it's VERY
important to understand the fundamentals of ALL of the basic front-panel
functions, before diving into the deep waters of DirectMIDI.  Even if
someone already has a hot MIDI controller, I would encourage them to
focus on the basics of the EDP before trying to get too many fancy
MIDI-exclusive things happening.

> The bad part was that he can do a LOT of cool stuff with a
> Digitech MIDI controller that's no longer made.  

As a matter of fact, 99% of everything I did could be done just as
easily with your Behringer FCB1010.  I know there are guys like Claude
Voit and Gary Lehman who program very complex strings on their PMC-10's,
but for me I find that I like to use very basic pedal commands -
note-on's and note-off's for individual DirectMIDI commands, for the
most part.  I'm actually eyeing the Behringer as a second/backup
pedalboard, simply because almost all of what I do with the PMC-10 would
translate, and I wouldn't have to troll Ebay looking for a PMC-10.

> Watching Andre was pretty damn amazing.  My brain froze at least a dozen
> times during the presentation.  

Well shucks, that's kind of you.  I'm glad you liked it, and I hope your
cerebellum is thawed out by now.

> The EDP is capable of so much.  It's
> almost too much.  I think at least I know what's possible now.  

Well, I by no means use all of the thing's depth and breadth.  Matthias
or Claude could each showcase other sides of the EDP that I'm not
particularly qualified to try and talk about - sync, for instance, is
something I spend no time with these days, whereas it's a huge part of
Claude's deal.  And Matthias' feedback technique would take me a very
long time to try and approximate.

Cool seeing you again on Saturday, dude.