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Re: EDP - Sync With Cubase Problem - Strange

>On Sunday, August 11, 2002, at 01:54  PM, Kim Flint wrote:
>>turned off again. The real potential problem there is if you are 
>>synchronizing to external clock and  you leave overdub on for a 
>>long time, you may fall out of sync. So you need to be careful 
>>about that. But you don't lose the overdubs....
>Huh, that's odd.  I do tend to keep overdub open and feedback at 50% 
>a lot to keep things changing.  Will this be a problem?  Should I 
>pop out of overdub every now and then to keep things in synch?

Depends on the values you choose:
If feedback is below 90 (as in your example), we do an automatic 
correction of the startpoint instead of moving the audio. So when you 
go back to above 90, we are synced again and the drift that happened 
in the mean time is not corrected, since the sound faded anyway and 
you probably rather play to the sync source than to the fading loop. 
This odd but usefull functionality was suggested by Claude Voit.
If the FB is above 90 but below max for a while, you may fall out of 
sync, really. To avoid it, you will have to set FB to 127 and Overdub 
off during at least one loop, more exactly: between two loop start 
The same goes for Overdub.

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