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Re: Sony VAIO and laptop workstations in general

you probably know that url http://www.musicxp.net/
may be http://au.geocities.com/inquisitiveb/98_after_XP.htm


>      Hello. I am using a Gateway PIII/1.066 GHz, with a Layla24 laptop. 
> got 640 MB RAM. For the most part it works very nicely. Especially with
> Reaktor3, SoundForge6 and Sonar2. I have gotten 10ms latency for 
>processing a
> live input thru several DX effects.
>      I'm using WinXPpro. The big downside to this so far is the fact that
> WinXPpro doesn't seem to want to let you change IRQ assignments. At 
>least no
> help whatsoever from Gateway's supposed tech support. With some 
>software, I
> am getting some glitches in the audio due to the fact that the graphics 
> (along with everything else) is sharing IRQ 10 with the cardbus slots. 
> what I have read so far, the changing of the IRQs occurs in the BIOS 
> I'll be taking that adventure this week. I'm thinking that I might have 
> purchase a new BIOS for my laptop. Anyone have any good suggestions on 
>      A very important factor in any computer, but especially a laptop, 
>is the
> quality of the components used. I bought the Gateway because it has 
> slots and a Firewire port that meet the specs of the various audio 
> manufacturers. No matter what laptop you buy, call the manufacturer up 
> get them to tell which cardbus and Firewire cards they are using in their
> units. Double check those components with the audio interfaces that you 
> to purchase. This may save you from a lot of disappointment. Hmmm... 
>maybe it
> would be good to ask them in advance if they are going to help 
> IRQs, etc.
>      Marc