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Re: Repeaters Clock out

>Sorry Matthais, I was just trying to conserve bytes.


>I've never bothered to try and use the Repeater's clock out for anything 
>than beta testing purposes, what with all the nuttyness of it. 
>Never needed to.
>I do remember having weird issues trying to synch the Repeater to an 
>EDPs clock
>with Jon Wagner.  I think our Repeaters would freak out when the 8th 
>thing didn't match.  I think it was because they were trying to get 
>to a BPM that
>was out of it's range.  It was during a gig, so we just abandoned 
>trying to synch
>and played.  I think Jon did figure out that problem though.

yes, we also did it the other way round, but since the bpm range of 
the Repeater is very narrow, the EDP player has to be carefull with 
looplength and 8th/cycle...
Since the EDP input accepts a bigger range and usually the Repeater 
is rather the base loop master "server", I think it would be nice to 
figure out how it works...

>Matthias Grob wrote:
>>  >http://www.electrixpro.com/files/pdf/manual_repeater_E.zip
>>  >
>>  >Page 27 has the info you seek.
>>  I cannot believe it... the guy that writes more than all other
>>  loopers together doesnt have a second sentence for this... ;-)
>>  At Tim, we read the manual over and over and did not find the
>>  point... or did you? Tim?
>>  Since you have both machines, Mark, did you try to sync them? Ok, I
>>  know you sync to a third one...


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