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Re: LoopIV: Saving Presets Via SysX

This post from Gary was from a long time ago, but Claude Voit has created 
nice Echoplex editor for Emagic's SoundDiver program. It fully controls 
of the Sysex functionality now in LoopIV. You can edit individual 
parameters, upload/download individual presets, or upload/download all 
presets at once.

I finally got around to putting it on the Looper's Delight web pages, you 
can find it linked from the Echoplex section:


it will probably save you a lot of time over trying to learn to use 

At 02:17 AM 7/1/2002, Gary Lehmann wrote:
>A question:
>I am using Cakewalk 9 as a sysx librarian.  It would seem that the 
>Digital Pro needs a Dump Request Macro to initiate the dump of the 
>Has anyone written one of these?

I don't know if anybody has created a Cakewalk editor. If somebody does, 
let me know and I'll be happy to put that on the LD site as well.

>I tried to decipher Chapter 9 of the Loop IV manual but I guess I'm not as
>smart as I thought I was--I can't make heads or tails of it.  Is it 
>to dump single presets and load them in one at a time?

yes it is, on the fly. also individual parameters can be edited this way.


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