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Gibson EDP service?

Does anyone know how long it takes to get an EDP serviced at Gibson?  I
bought this EDP brand new in May.  Within a week it experienced the
"ERR" problem that posted about in June.  I sent the unit to Gibson in
June and now July is almost over.  The only time I have been provided
with an update as to the status was last week (after I had left numerous
messages for Shane Radtke to return my calls), from Shane, telling me
that he just put the unit on his bench to begin trouble shooting.  From
my experience working with a few other items over the years that have
had problems, if the item I got was fairly new and still under warranty,
it was usually trouble shooted fairly quickly and if it appeared that
the repair would be extensive or drawn out, the manufacturer would often
just ship out a brand new unit.  I have owned this for over 2 months now
and have only been able to play it a few times.  I have no idea when the
unit will be returned to me or how much warranty time will be remaining
in case something really goes wrong.  I appologize for ranting here, but
I am finding this extremely frustrating.  Can anyone offer advice,
experience, suggestions, etc.?

M. Steven Ginn

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