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re: legitimising gtr-loops in popmusic: was loopsinlivegroups

stephen goodman said,

>I've wanted for some time to be able to add guitar loopage as background
>to regular "pop" music.  Perhaps it would at least partially legitimize
>it, hm?

well..... a guitar-loop (as any loop w/any 'originating soundsource'), per 
sť, does not embody any particular sound/style/idiom other than that of 
loopist, i think.

while not exactly popularised as a *regular* musical element (maybe owing 
its lack of inherent stylistic nature), such a pathway may already have 
'legitimised' thusly ---(strange word, that)--- for some time, even, i 
that would be especially true in the world of studio-recordings;
there are at least a coupla gtr-based loopists that have been (and 
remain) there.
for a few examples, see:

fripp: peter gabriel, crimson, tool, etc etc

myself: david bowie, tori amos, meshell ndegeocello, jeremy toback, 
genius, madonna, tanita tikaram, manhattan transfer, jim carroll, patti 
scialfa, etc etc

robby aceto: tom tom club, code, noella hutton, etc

trey anastasio: phish, etc

reeves gabrels: bowie, etc

adrian belew: etc

marc ribot

peter maunu

..... and too many more to list, herein..... no offense is meant by me for 
unwitting acts of omission.
dt / splattercell