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Re: Drummers playing to metronomes and loops live

  Rick, thanks so much for the excellent  post!  This touches on something
I teach my students as well, from the idea of subdivision of the beat,
which I demonstrated with Kai Eckhardt at a workshop.  I view the time
between clicks as more  of a space in which to play.  This way, I simply
view a particular space as being large enough for me to play a certain
number of notes within.   And, from my point of view, it's as if the
metronome slows down to accommodate me, and I, as well, become relaxed in
the timing.  If I think of a smaller space the metronome seems to move
faster, and again, if I think of a larger space, it moves more slowly.
<smile>  It's alot of fun.  
  In this way, I'm not only able to practice quite comfortably at speeds of
16th notes at 208 bpm with a quarter note click.  -as high -as my metronome
at work will go, but also at very slow speeds as well, and then move
smoothly from one extreme to another...  <smile>  -One's perception is a
very powerful thing...    

  Thanks again.  




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