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RE: computer fan noise (Audio Interface options for recordingloo ps)

Actually Marc, that's no longer correct.  If you check Carillon's website,
their "barebones" pc's are gone and replaced by "core systems" which are
upgraded.  I agree they are still a bit pricey, but they are reportedly
quieter than virtually anything else, which is what this thread was about.
Is the Northwood system an audio-specific application as well?  I am not
familiar with it.

This was NOT a paid advertisement for Carillon computers, i don't own
one.... : )


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     While the Carillon systems look nice, they have really fallen behind 
everyone else in the level of system offered. Their Barebones1 is still a
GHz P4, with SDRAM (no monitor). For the same price, you can get a 2 GHz 
Northwood system, with RDRAM, a flat panel, 6 USB ports, etc.. I'd suggest 
waiting on the Carillon until they catch up with the rest of the world.
after NAMM they will improve their systems. Anyone interested in a rack 
mounted computer might find the info at Tomshardware.com. very helpful.

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spgoodman@earthlight.net writes:

> > there is a company out there that specializes in making quiet PC's for
>  > audio-specific applications.  They will build either barebones systems
>  > custom-built systems using various software platforms.  I WAS going to
>  > purchasing their Logic Audio platform for the PC, until Emagic pulled
>  > plug on Logic for Windows.  I'm going still going to be purchasing a
>  > barebones system at least and configuring my own.
>  >
>  > check it out:
>  > For PC:
>  > http://www.carillonusa.com