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Re: Loop approach: Loop as effect

RIGHT.  I totally agree with your point.  I think it's in a lot of our 
(I know mine!) natures to want to explore our gear to it's "n'th" 
degree, and at a point, it can become "gear wanking."  I remember buying 
Adrian Belew's "Desire Caught by the Tail" and thinking, "Oh, Adrian's 
got a new guitar synth and he recorded his gear wanking."  In an 
interview, he totally said just that.  Some tracks I felt musically held 
up, but many seemed academic.  I think Zappa did that at times as well.  
Can you play G-Spot Tornado while you're cruising around town?  Probably 
not, as it's more a "sit down and appreciate it" kind of deal that I 
think is mainly appreciated by other musicians.  It's still totally 
valid, and it must be done to "push the envelope" but, as Andre said, 
"...enough fooling around.  It's time to get your act together."

BTW, I bought Andre's Turntableist Guitar at the Santa Cruz Loopfest, 
and I feel it's amazing!  Andre, is that the result of you "getting your 
act together"?  If it is, you're totally successful!  Great listening 

Oh, and if you wonder what indigenous tribes from all over the world 
would sound like if they were trapped in a Toys R Us, pick up Rick 
Walker's Dayglow Green Plastic too, very interesting stuff.

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, July 19, 2002, at 09:40  PM, Andre LaFosse wrote:
> And I have to say that seeing Matthias (and Amy X the next morning) do
> their stuff up close was a serious learning experience for me.  They
> definitely inspired me to stop thinking that I had to constantly slice
> and warp the loops every time they were in danger of (shock! horror!)
> repeating a few times.  Seeing how stunningly well Matthias and Amy were
> able to use repetition in very musical, attention-grabbing ways was
> tremendously educational.  I drove home from Oakland that day thinking,
> "OK, Andre, enough fooling around.  It's time to get your act together
> with this stuff."
> --Andre LaFosse
> http://www.altruistmusic.com