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Re: Gr-33/VG8

I think the Gr30 does not send midi clock
you can set it to slave its tempo to midi clock

or this may be a goood surprise (didnt check)


> I have had several guitar synth models and currently use the Gr30, which
> preceeded the GR-33. Although the newer model GR-33 has a slightly better
> sound engine and built in expression pedal, its internal arpeggiater does
> not sync to midi and the arpeggiater function is not programable like it 
> on the GR-30. This means you can't sync your Repeater or EDP or Jamman to
> it   the GR-33.. The ability to write my own arpeggio patterns and sync
> them to my repeater has become like a second pair of hands to me. Also I 
> capable of creating complex synth rythmns that I could'nt possibly do 
> my hands due to the tracking lag time. This may not be an issue with you,
> but you might find a used GR-30 on ebay for cheap and test the waters of
> guitar synth, without too much investment.
> Bill