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Re: replacing and time slipping single tracks on Repeater

Automate those button presses with a sequencer (pattern mode or song mode)
"the slipping song"
no sound created yet just a looping/mangling empty structure
fire the sequencer
then add the notes/sounds to the slipping song


>   Hi All,    -Well, I did afterall, have a little fling with my friendly
> Repeater for a while, and well, IT WAS AWESOME!!!   lollollol!  
>   Mark Sottilaro asked  earlier about slipping one track of a stereo  
>  Mark, simply deselect the stereo pair, and then select a single track 
> then time slip it.  
>   anyway, one really neat thing I was just doing was to use the replace
> function to selectively create drop-outs in a stereo track by replacing
> little bits of it with silence.  Then, I'd select a single track of the
> pair to time slip.  You end up with a sort of uneven chopy track with a
> panning delay effect.  Then, if you add the original rhythm back in, you
> can get some pretty wild accents due to the audio  cuts and  delaying.
> <smile>  Then if you reverse it all...    lollollol!!!  
>   anyway, you can create some real craziness if you then go ahead and do
> the same thing to the original rhythm track and mix it in as well.  It 
> pretty mangled.  lol!  
>   Anyway, -just thought I'd share...  
> Nighters,
> G-Girl