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Sei chitarre sole - with Claude Voit

Hi guys,
we have arrived to the last one of the 3 evenings of the solo guitar
festival i am organizing in italy.
Claude will be concluding this third edition.
So, it is a pleasure to finally have one of us at this festival.
Here are some info:


Tuesday, July the 9th
Elliott Sharp
Pino Dieni

Tuesday, July the 16th
Fred Frith
Pietro Nobile

Tuesday, July the 16th
Claude Voit
Claudio Gabbiani


First edition

August, the 27th:
Bebo Ferra - Acoustic Guitar in Jazz
Rolf Lislevand - Liuto and Tiorba, baroque music before the invention of

September, the 3rd:
Franco Morone - Fingerpicking Guitar
Luca Formentini - Electric and fretless Guitars and deep processing.

September, the 10th:
Rudy Rotta - Traditional Blues Guitar
Roberto Zorzi - Electric Guitar and improvisation

Second edition

July, the 6th:
Duck Baker - Fingestyle nylon string Guitar
Luciano Margorani - Classic, electric Guitar and electronics

July, the 7th:
Paolo Angeli - Prepared sardinian Guitar
Mike Cooper - Dobro and Hawaiian Guitar

July, the 8th:
Sandro Gibellini - Traditional Jazz Guitar
Hans Reichel - His own doubleneck and Daxophone

Sei Chitarre Sole (Six Guitars Alone):   Guitar Concert Series
 What is a Guitar?
Everyone knows what one is, but few know of it's remarkable ability to
transcend musical and stylistic  boundaries.
  Of course, there are different kinds and styles of guitar:  Classical,
Acoustic, Electric, but the stylistic breadth of the guitar transcends 
classifications.    One can, for example, use a Classical nylon string
guitar to play many kinds of music besides 'Classical' music.  Or one can
use specially  treated guitars (alligator clips, forks and knives, etc.) to
play the 'Blues'.
This series of concerts hosts two different Guitar players from diverging
backgrounds.    In each evenings performance, each guitarist will play one
40 to 50 minutes set.     Each concert will present audiences with  two
radically different guitar worlds. The likelihood of encountering a style
that is exotic and unfamiliar is very high.
One of the chief goals of the  festival is to acquaint people with the
amount of stylistic diversity that exists in the Guitar world.The hope of
the performances  is to expand the  musical vocabulary of the listener:  to
leave them with a new appreciation for new and unusual Guitaristic
techniques; to celebrate the Guitar!
The concerts will be held  in Desenzano del Garda (south Garda Lake, 
Verona and Brescia), in the ancient 14th Century Closter of Santa Maria de

Looping Europe.
my best