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RE: Attn: Matthias; Learning How to use the EDP?

At 12:24 PM 7/11/2002, Hans Lindauer wrote:
>I think that starting with the factory presets is probably your best
>bet.  Matthias & Kim seem to be the kind of guys who would have thought
>of the beginning user, and made it easy to start out without having to
>re-configure a bunch of presets.

yes, that is right. (and we did spend a lot of time thinking about 
this.)  The default parameter settings are what we feel is a good place to 
start. So a beginning user can power up and get right in and do the basic 
looping functions without having to care what the parameters are all about.

Then, after you feel you understand the basics of looping with the 
Echoplex, you can explore some of the parameters and learn what they do. 
Depending on what you wish to do with looping, how you play, your style of 
music, your setup, or whatever, you may find that some different parameter 
settings are really useful to you. You might want to change to those 
permanently instead of the defaults. Or perhaps you just want to switch 
that parameter sometimes, depending on the needs of a particular piece of 

LoopIV now has parameter presets, which are really helpful as a way to 
manage different echoplex configurations. No more reaching over, hit the 
parameter button a few times, find the right parameter button, hit it some 
more to edit - all while still trying to play. Now you can set up your 
favorite configs in advance and change them on the fly with a program 
change message from any midi controller. much easier!


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