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RE: edp +


I guess you were the guy I spoke to when Clive handed me the phone today. I have deliberately not mentioned the new revision of the Echoplex on the list, as it is due to be launched at the Nashville show next week. However, Clive is renowned throughout the music biz for having an incredibly large mouth and he can’t help himself.

So now the cat’s out of the bag: -

This new version is identical in operation to the one currently on sale, has the same technical specifications and should in no way deter an imminent buyer from getting one of the current ones with the up-grade from Kim.

This new model will primarily be shipped to EDP-starved Europe in a few months.

The reason for developing it, is to get a CE approved version for sale in the UK and Europe, (previous versions could only be sold through retail in the US and Switzerland who don’t really recognise CE).

This has cost Gibson about $30 000 and me personally, a lot of long days and over three years to complete. We had to totally re-lay the PCB, make it 4-layer, add loads of VHF filtering; a filtered mains inlet and some really groovy tinned-brass screening cans for the processor and audio codec. Kim and Matthias have been invaluable during the long process and when we finally got that CE-certificate, it was definitely all worth it.

We settled on the name ‘Digital pro Plus’ to distinguish it from all previous non-CE models.

It will ship with Loop4 installed.

We reversed the colours on the front, again to distinguish it, but this is not finalised, (I really like Matthias’ suggestion of wine-red with cream graphics). Gibson honcho, Kevin Van Pamel will be listening to opinions at the show, where there will be two fully spammed-up & working prototypes on display.

I’m hoping to get a huge order for these babies out of Gibson, as Clive will finally be able to flood all his European distributors with them. This is almost as exiting for the EDP, or is it now EDPP, as the much-revered Loop4 upgrade.

This is proof of Gibson’s commitment to continue to expand the horizons of the Echoplex.


Someday, all people will own an Echoplex;

Someday, Kim & Matthias may actually make some money for all their hard work J



Echoplex Slave, I mean Production Manager.


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just talking ot a guy a trace elliot

new model due out, the echopled digital pro PLUS

it's the same except cosmetics, black with white writing [as opposed to te other way round]


anyone seen any pics ????


David Swain