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Re: prerecorded loops

Even without pre-recorded loops, a lot of rock music feels pre-planned to
the point of lacking spontaneity live. I saw Peter Gabriel in 1987 (only 
last third or so of the show) and was relatively underwhelmed. Maybe he was
just tired at the end of the tour, but the concert felt so controlled that
there was no give and take of energy between him and the audience.

On the other hand, I also saw The Stranglers that year and they kicked ass
on stage.

More recently, Chris Isaak routinely puts on one of the best live shows 
seen. (No looping content, though.)

Live shows have a certain level of surprise and risk to them. That's a good
part of where the energy comes in. (Okay. It was really surprising when
Margo Timmins had to give up on performing a new song during a Cowboy
Junkies show at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz because she'd forgotten the

Electronic music has never been quite as friendly toward live performance.
On the other hand, if Tangerine Dream's _Ricochet_ is even mostly live I
really would have liked to have been at those concerts.

Mostly now I seem to be either too tired or too cheap to go see shows and
the bars seem to cater to a much younger crowd...


P.S. You can now draw conclusions about what I listen to though this list 
indicative in only the most rudimentary way.