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Re: Electrix/IVL petition

I couldn't agree more.  The people who should be working on the next 
Repeater OS (or even a more bug free version of the current one!) should 
be the people who conceived the beast in the first place.


On Thursday, July 11, 2002, at 02:44  PM, Andre LaFosse wrote:
> There are a lot of things I think are very cool about the Repeater, but
> I'd much rather see Kim and Matthias (and Claude Voit and Andy Butler
> and Chris Muir and the rest of the Aurisis extended family, for that
> matter) put their amazing creativity and resources into further
> developing their own very distinctive and unique vision, rather than
> trying to tack their ideas onto a completely different piece of gear
> that was designed largely with different types of applications in mind.
> Anyway...
> --Andre LaFosse
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