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Re: Electrix/IVL petition

Total luddite non-programmer commentary here:

I've seen the idea of Aurisis taking over Repeater development mentioned
in a few different places, and to me it seems like a pretty dubious
proposition, if only for one main reason: The EDP is a very different
beast than the Repeater.

For one thing, the hardware of the Echoplex, and the user interface, is
very much linked to the software inside - even the dozens of DirectMIDI
commands in LoopIV are essentially more immedate and flexible versions
of functions which originate from various front panel/EFC-7 button
presses.  So it's not as if the Loop code could just be ported into a
completely different hardware chassis and have all of its architecture
accessible in a reasonable manner.

Another important consideration is that the Repeater and the EDP have
very different design angles and philosophies.  They're coming from
different points of view about what would be interesting or important to
have a looper do.  A very large part of what makes the EDP so intuitive
and "playable" has to do with the tremendous depth with which Kim and
Matthias have pursued their core concepts about the unit, and an awful
lot of time has been spent working out very minute details, many of
which don't necessarily reveal themselves to users until after months or
even years of use.

As Matthias mentioned a couple of days ago, it would be possible to have
four simultaneous loops in the EDP without feedback or volume control,
but that's not a direction he wanted to pursue.  And as Kim has
mentioned many, many times, the EDP was designed principally as a
real=time audio-editing performance tool, with the idea that loops could
be evolved, edited, and otherwise "played" on the fly, with the emphasis
on flexibility and user choice.  So a lot of what makes the Repeater
what it is (loop storage, multiple tracks, a more "recorder" - based
paradigm, pitch-shifting, etc.) have very little to do with where the
EDP is coming from.

There are a lot of things I think are very cool about the Repeater, but
I'd much rather see Kim and Matthias (and Claude Voit and Andy Butler
and Chris Muir and the rest of the Aurisis extended family, for that
matter) put their amazing creativity and resources into further
developing their own very distinctive and unique vision, rather than
trying to tack their ideas onto a completely different piece of gear
that was designed largely with different types of applications in mind.  


--Andre LaFosse