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Re: eventide orville

Hello Anthony
the ECLIPSE is a very poweful unit...5 times the processing power of an 
H3000. It's the only 1 space rack unit on the market performing at 
24bit/up to 96KHz sampling rate. It has 40 seconds delay memory, 
preamps, polyfuzzes, up to 8 voices delays/pitch shifters/comb 
taps/ring modulators/chorus/flangers. Reverbs are AWESOME !!!
It also offer different reverbs like PLEXVERBS, using complex feedback 
routings between delay lines and detuners...to get a very particular 
grainy texture, quite popular among "experimenters" 
(Tibbetts/Brook/Fripp/Aarset/Gunn/Kaiser)! "Normal" reverbs are simply 
outstanding: I have just got back from Oslo where I spent a few days 
with Jan Garbarek. We have designed reverb algorithms (and more...) , 
trying to achieve the best possible sound Jan wants. Well...after many 
years of touring and recording with a 480 and G-Force, Pcm70, 
Pcm80...jan will start his world tour in the coming fal with his brand 
new ORVILLE...leaving all those boxes home. He was simply floored by 
our reverb algorithms. Eclipse verbs are better than a dsp4000 in 
quality, so no mistery it sounds better than an MPX1.
You will also find dozens of other algorithms (reverse delays/reverse 
shifters/etc) for any kind of processing & mangling. Gtr distortions 
are very unique. 
Eventide has a Support Area/Forum on the web : EVENTIDE HELPS.
Join it at:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eventidehelps/
there you'll find lots of info/users interaction/MP3s/patches to 
download/tutorial documents and more
also you can get Eclipse manuals here:
Learnig curve for Eclipse is not an issue.

best regards
Italo De Angelis

> I bougth an MPX1 when it first came out and used mostly slightly tweak
> presets initially.  Once I rolled up my sleeves and programmed a few o
f my
> own and then linked a midi controller to "patches" I was really impres
> Its like a vortex on steriods and then some and it sounds great!  (I l
> my vortex, but couldn't tolerate the rolloff above 12kHz).
> But I'm still coveting another high quality FX box.
> I'm a little surprised that the MPX1 reverbs don't hold up as well, bu
t the
> Eclipse is rough 3.5 times as much $$$ for what the MPX1 is going for 
> days.
> I own no Eventide stuff.  How steep is the learning curve to program i

Italo De Angelis
Preset Design Engineer - Audio Division