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Re: prerecorded loops

> yeah and <moby> band plays to a dat tape(*a
> lotta bands do it*)-sorry they
> all lose points on immediacy and thinkin
> creatively on yer toes...
> > 

True. It might work up to a certain point, but
there's still something missing.  I remember
seeing Mr. Bungle on tour for California, and
they had this ridiculous setup to recreate the
songs on the album, like 6 keyboards on stage,
and they were jumping back and forth through
instruments...one guy would change the patch on
another guy's keyboard while he was busy playing
guitar, and so on...it added a certain level of
excitement that wouldn't have been there if they
just played to a DAT.  Not to mention that they
HAD to give their 100% in order for it to work. 
It just takes some creativity and a willingness
to take risks.


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