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Re: Looper census - pre-recorded loops


>live, improvisational mixing.  that's what i do as well.  i think there's
>incredible amount of creative space to be explored there.  transforming
>loops over time and using them to play with dynamics.  good stuff, for
it can be; it's got great potential.....

>anyone else consider 'live mixing' to be part of their show?
absolutely, as i've said before.
though my show isn't really a show.

>hmmm... i'm guessing that from the amount of responses to this query that
>dance music is pretty far from the kind of stuff most people do here.
it might be more informative to find out than to guess.....
i'm sure there's all kindsa looping going on, connected-to-here.

>i'm kind of struggling right now with the usefulness of my repeater.  
>that i still haven't figured out a realistic way to make real time 
>work for me 
you could, among other things, try:
keeping a source running material that ya can't hear, to sample from --- 
could be tv tracks, or solo'ed om khalsoum, etc etc (non-transient, 
non-rhythmic mat'l could work well) --- randomly into the repeater, locked 
tempo..... and fly it in, to taste.....

>(since everything in my music operates so precisely), 
any musical technique can be learned to be effected precisely; i'm sure 
you could get your repeater to lock to whatever your masterclock is, no?
dt / splattercell