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Request for Linux and Mac Users

As some might know I've been publishing the Loop of the Week at
http://www.earthlight.net/Studios since 1996.  Some especially from this
list have asked in the past if I would allow others to utilize this
technology to mount their own loops, and I have up until recently been
hesitant to do so.

While it is at this time intended to make the apparatus I use to make these
self-executing loops available to the public for a more-than-reasonable
license, I can't let my background in software development/QA go to the
winds here, and therefore need to have it tested on other than Windows

And so, if any of yez running Linux or Macs (if they're capable of running
Windows EXEs) could help with this please download and run the
self-executing EXE from my Studios site, URL'ed above and below.  Or 
me separate from the list at spgoodman@earthlight.net.  Thanks in advance!

Stephen P. Goodman
EarthLight Productions
http://www.earthlight.net/Studios - The Free Loop of the Week!