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Re: Looper cencus

DSDALY@aol.com writes:

>I know alot of guitar players that are excellent and would 
>definitely loop, but the marketing of the subject is all wrong. 
but, there is no marketing.

>I just bought the REPEATER knowing that it has been discontinued because
>the good reviews and the fact I can run a fairly small FS300 stage pedal
>operate the unit live. 
>I also bought it to lay down tracks so I can solo over and get better.
did you buy it before you tried it?

>I know that it can do so much more, but I suppose I will learn through
>because I don't see a place where I can get alot of tips and tricks 
look harder; and, you can look and ask here!

>Guitar Looping seems to be kept a big secret and that's why more 
>arent into it. 
ain't no secret.
i'm not good at keeping secrets, myself.

>If a company, say BOSS, came out with a small easy to use, reasonably 
>(say $100-$150 range) stompbox looper that could give say 10-14 seconds
>simple looping and went into the guitar magazines with well thought out
>proclaiming.. "SOMETHING NEW for all you guitarists out there" and maybe
>some good sound files on there web site and a few tips to get going ..
>whole looping thing could take off.
1) while it's not been fully plumbed -(what instrument has been?)- looping 
not strictly new.
2) companies have certainly done that: boomerang, roland, akai, line 6 put 
out reasonably inexpensive looping devices ---(hell, the jamman was cheap, 
wasn't it?)--- and, some of them have spent some dough on advertising, as 
well. and: oberheim used to advertise the EDP.
my conclusion? what's critically missing from the manufacturers' vision is 
long-term plan that includes education of the potential marketplace via 
seminars, clinics, instructional videos, and *functional* endorsements.

i babbled, again. sorry, if.....
dt / splattercell