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Re: Why stereo? (Was Re: I know, I'll start a war! )

As an example of what happens with a single EDP and stereo effects, you can
visit: http://www.baymoon.com/~mark_hamburg

The raw guitar has pretty obvious cross delays (DL8000R, if you care). The
loop doesn't. I sometimes miss the effects in the loop, but it's one way to
make the loop recede a bit relative to the new material. I also gain back a
little bit of stereo for the loop when it hits the ambience effects (mostly
AM8000R and an Ibanez SDR-1000+).

So, now I've got two EDPs. I have some interest in just running them as a
stereo pair, but that's also just driven by the realization that doubling
the number of EDPs significantly increases the number of controls I need if
they aren't acting as a stereo pair. As it is, I'm focusing on trying to
work with independent loops which is easy if I push buttons but more
confusion prone if done with my feet unless I get another EFC-7 and find
space to put it.


P.S. Speaking of dual EDPs, my new EDP seems to have made my old EDP much
more heat sensitive. Could I mitigate some of this by splitting them up in
the rack so that the hot spots on one wouldn't be right near the hot spots
on the other?

on 7/1/02 8:41 AM, ArsOcarina@aol.com at ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

> Hello there,
> In a message dated 6/30/02 11:29:04 PM, wedgehed@yahoo.com writes:
>> Maybe I'm just stuck in dumb-guitar-player mode, but
>> here's a question I've been wanting to ask for years.
>> What are you looping when you are stereo looping?
>> I understand wanting 2 or more EDPs or a Repeater
>> to do multitrack loops, but what are you guys/gals
>> doing that requires the loop, as created, to be
>> stereo?
> I'm just a dumb guitar player too so I guess I can answer
> this with some authority. If I were ONLY using a guitar
> and an amp in a mono setup a single EDP would suffice
> somewhere either in a mono FX loop or simply patched
> between the two somehow . . . I suppose.
> But, since many of my other effects contain all sorts
> of stereo information, I also have a stereo amplification
> set up too. And, since I've already gone to that
> trouble, it seems sensible to me to try to preserve
> this aspect in the loops as well.
> It might work in live situation to have a looper that sums
> right and left inputs to mono (like my JamMan did when
> I had one). In that old setup my effected "original" guitar
> sound was still awash in stereo delays 'n' stuff and the
> loop (when it came around) was summed mono. Often in
> clubs the PA is blasted out in mono as well and nobody
> hears all those neat panning FX, ping-pong delays and
> stereo filters unless there right at the stage anyway.
> But, for myself, I really thought I was missing something by
> not hearing all of the panning FX (from my Lexicon Vortex
> especially) repeat in the loop -- it all seemed kind of "flat"
> sounding as it looped around. I play with an EXTREMELY
> processed sound and stereo is pretty essential to make
> it work at all (IMOHO).
> Add to that that there is often a little Roland g-synth added
> to my guitar sound that has it's own stereo characteristics
> and its own FX chain (including another Vortex). To me only
> using one EDP did not seem an option as long as I have 2
> working ears.
> In many ways I often fantasize that I had yet another pair.
> I own enough power amps and have speaker cabs enough to
> operate in quad . . . and there's a switch on my 12-channel
> stereo mixer that will actually split it into two independent
> 6-channel stereo mixers. I dunno, it could be kinda cool . . .
> Or maybe I'm just another crazy victim of G.A.S. (gear
> acquisition syndrome). Heh, heh. heh. Sometimes, when
> I listen to what Andre is doing with just a guitar, an amp
> and a single EDP. I get a nasty jones in the other direction.
> What he's doing is pretty doggone amazin'. I can hardly wait
> till the Santa Cruz concert in 2 weeks at the Cayuga Vault.
> It'll be the first time I seen him play in 5 or 6 years.
> Best,
> Ted