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Re: looping: a structural approach

Is your friend sharing/selling his thesis with the
rest of the world?

I hope so.


> My friend wrote a looping program for his thesis,
> based on some of my ideas (he jokingly named it
> "Schnackertronics"), and what i found was that
> after the first few seconds of playing I forgot
> about the looping aspect of it, and just reacted
> to what came out of his laptop just like i would
> any other instrument.  So the end result ends up
> being a lot more dynamic.
> Of course it helps that he built effects into the
> program with a high "mangleage" factor, so it
> quickly stops sounding like a guitar. And also he
> has 4 independent loops of different lengths,
> which by itself makes quite a difference.  But
> since he can totally concentrate on the looping
> aspect of it, he has a lot more control, as
> opposed to me stepping on a bunch of pedals,
> while still trying to play something decent on my
> guitar.
> just a thought,
> Ernesto

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