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Re: Can One trigger the fill button on the SR-16 thru MIDI?

check the pmc10 manual I think you can trigg pmc 10 _patches_ with an 
pg ch so if you assign an  on off  switch to this patch it may work
probably to much of a hassle when a simple fs on the ground can do dat 

SR16 also understands song position pointers :
with some programming (pmc or pc1600x) you can tell your DMachine to come 
to measure 8 or 16 or where ever you want it to land
to land at measure 8 build a message composed of
FC (stop message) , F2 00 04 (the SPP+LSB MSB ),FA (start)

Fun stuff


> -----Original Message-----
> Gary Lehmann posed:
> So now a question--is there any way to trigger the fill button on the 
> thru MIDI?
> Gary
> Uh--one way is to use the PMC-10 internal switch setting--but that's not
> really MIDI.
> Just downloaded the SR manual--but I think the answer is no.
> G