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Re: OT: CARP passed- this sucks.

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From: "Stephen P. Goodman" <spgoodman@earthlight.net>
> Well, it might not be as bad as it could have been - but it just goes to
> show that Democracy has this one single problem.  It requires 
> Thanks for those of you who took the trouble to contact their
> congressman/senator about this.  Shame on the rest, alas, but if you feel
> remorse at this unfortunately late point, get in touch with your
> congressman/senator to voice your disappointment and concerns.
> http://www.copyright.gov/carp/webcasting_rates_final.html
> Stephen P. Goodman
> EarthLight Productions

Thank you Stephen for the kick in the pants.  Here is what I just sent to 
Library of Congress:
Dear Mr. Billington,

Shame on you for pandering to the big record companies.  By treating 
radio differently than over-the-air radio, you are doing a disservice to 
American public.  Internet radio is NOT file sharing and provides the 
small artists need that Clear Channel (and that ilk) will never provide.

Those of us who contrate their listening on non-mainstream genres of music 
longer have a place to go to hear what we want.  You have just put our 
out of business.  And that statement would remain true even if you didn't 
that rediculous grandfather clause that requires payments for broadcasts 

Shame on you for ignoring the small, independant musicians in your 


Bill Fox