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Re: alembic preamp

that would be me...
ok, the output of the alembic is REALLY hot, so i built a divider/resistor to bring it down to a manageable level. 
i'm only using one side of the preamp, although i may cascade them together (not coming out of the back and into the front again, but just like you'd cascade any 4-input amp: into input A, out of padded input A into input B) eventually.  so, since i'm only using A, that goes right into the switchblade and from there, the signal goes to any number of receptacles (eventide, edp, straight to power amp, etc.).  i plan on adding a bss parametric eq eventually, so i'll just go from the preamp to the eq and from the eq to switchblade so as not to unneccesarily take up valuable 'blade inputs.
any other questions?