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RE: CARP passed- this sucks.

Actually, as I understand it (at least it's that way in Germany on the
oldskool transmission channels), the GEMA collects money for the mentioned
songs, and to get your money (emphasis on "your"), which they collected, 
have to become a member of the GEMA, for which you have to pay, and then
register your compositions with them, for which you have to pay, too...

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> Subject: CARP passed- this sucks.
> A good explanation is here:
> http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A8271-2002May25.html
> Also, I've heard but have yet to confirm that the RIAA will
> be collecting
> fees "on behalf" of artists and labels that are not RIAA
> members. Meaning
> that if I have a song that plays on somafm or any live365
> stream (etc) the
> RIAA is collecting money for that song... and I highly doubt
> that I or any
> other small artist will see that money unless we go to the
> RIAA and demand
> it.
> -
> valerie
> >  From what I gather, it's not so much the rates as it is
> the fact that
> >internet radio has to pay an extra fee that the regular
> radio stations
> >don't. Everyone pays to BMI or ASCAP for rights to broadcast. The
> >Internet guys pay that and then this CARP fee to the RIAA because the
> >RIAA claims that it's easier to copy from Internet radio.
> >  It's a punitive fee, used as a weapon in the RIAA's war on all
> >Internet audio technology.
> >
> >
> >on 6/21/02 Kim Flint wrote:
> >
> >>I don't really know many details about the CARP thing, in regards to
> >>what
> >>royalty rates would be fair or not....