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Re: Mail Order vs local

It's always healthy to cull the herd.

I'm totally not offended in any way, and I'm not sure how I expressed 
that in any of my emails.  I was just trying to show you another 
possible viewpoint.  I welcome it, which is why I'm on this list.

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, June 21, 2002, at 06:27  PM, Keith Kotay wrote:

>> Well, if you think the person who tried out your pre opened device and 
>> got
>> cooties all over it and over drove the inputs for a week straight that 
>> you
>> had it, wrap your head around the possibility of the resentful slave
>> laborer and the unthinkable things they did with your DL4 before he 
>> sent
>> it to be factory sealed.
>> Remember the soup in fight club?
>> Mark
> I'm sorry my desire to have a factory sealed unit has offended you.
> I'll spare you any further offence by leaving the list.
> Thanks to everyone who answered my questions,
> Keith