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OT: bass preamp (RE: rackmount overdrive/distortion)

Title: OT: bass preamp (RE: rackmount overdrive/distortion)

for what kind of music? country? death-metal?

I am looking for a superlative bass head to drive a 2x15 (haven't built yet so not sure of load but guessing it's 4 ohm)

under 1500? I loop on my own but when I play with the band it's a heavy rock thing.

is the alembic all that?



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> ...and no, buying a different preamp is not an option.  i love my alembic!
> sounds just like my long-gone '64 bf fender showman.
I forgot to thank you regarding the alembic suggestion.
i finally find one and have it here, it is the best sounding gtr/bass tube
preamp i've ever used !