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Re: Ableton Live questions

hey there! 

>> There is one "master" bus in the app right?  Is there any way to create
> multiple master busses (for quad)?  I know that you can assign channels 
> other outputs of your sound card, but can you assign multiple channels to
> the the same outputs as a workaround?

not sure.

>> The EM review sort of contradicted itself.  It said that LIVE supported
> MIDI Clock, but then it also said that the new 1.5 version would support
> MIDI clock.  Does it or doesn't it?

it always had clock in. 1.5 added clock out.

>> Is there one loop per channel or multiple loops per channel, but only 
> active at a time?

the latter.

>> Is there support for no synchronization?  Can I have multiple
> non-synchronous loops going or will all loops be stretched to match the
> tempo (or a subdivision of the tempo)?

this is being worked on now for the next upgrade.  this "feature" is in 


Eric Oberthaler
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