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Re: i had some ideas for a custom guitar i would like to run by you all

I'll try and find the URL, but I saw an American who was playing in 
Barcelona (or was it somewhere in France? I forget) with a 10 string 
acoustic-type guitar playing through delay pedals on the street. It was 
really something nice :-)

Even though I'm not a guitarist, I've progressed from 4 string to 5,6 
and 7 string electric violins, and have been involved in a lot of the 
design stages. If you want to pick my brains, then feel free. I might 
have some ideas that you can use.

Good luck!

On a completely unrelated note, I saw a concert last week in Paris, 
which included someone who made a 5 string cello, with selectable 
pickups (so he can play electric bass), on a freestanding support, 
connected to a huge homemade console featuring everything from an Akai 
Headrush (alas the only looper) to vintage filters, modern rack effects, 
etc. etc. I wish I had a picture.... this guy is 100% dedicated to 
taking the instrument to its extremes.

The way that he played the cello was amazing - Even going to the 
extremes of inserting sticks between the strings, and flicking them 
whilst having ring modulation, distortion and wah-wah.... very very 

He was playing with someone who had a software package like 
AudioMulch/Live, who was mixing his music with beats on the fly.

I have an email address for him, and I think that he understands 
English - I'll try and get him onto the list.

Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project