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RE: percussion, pitch-shifting and fxs (re:pitch-shifting percussion in realtime)


the thing you might like to try is using filters with a low Q before going
into the pitch shifter. The filter will bring out any characteristic 
of your drums (if tuned to the right frequency, that is), and this can then
be shifted around...a device to try for this is the TC Fireworx (which I
actually used to do this kind of thing) - its interface helps to simplify
the process, as it has a MIDI note to frequency function for tuning the

Apart from that, did you succeed in controlling pitch of the repeater with
the FCB1010? While I can happily use the expression pedals to pitchbend
around, somehow assigning controller values to the buttons and thus play 
shifter bass-pedal-style didn't work. Is there any limitation on the
Behringer I should be aware of (or any thing to keep in mind), or was I 
too stupid?


Rainer Straschill
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> Subject: percussion, pitch-shifting and fxs (re:pitch-shifting
> percussion in realtime)
> Hi!
> Ok, so I was searching the web for infos about effect units
> which can change the pitch in realtime with a midi
> controller, and after the eventide, which are just too
> expensive for me, I came across the tc -helicon voiceprism,
> which is already much cheaper, but a vocal effect machine (i
> would be curious to try it with the drums actually). When I
> searched on, I saw that the behringer virtualizer (I think
> less than 150) does this also. A friend of mine has one, and
> I will try it soon. But the next morning, s
> uddenly I realized (I didn4t think about it at all before)
> that my sampler (yamaha a4000) actually does this.
> So I programmed the midi controller which was quite the work
> because of the way the a4000 converts the controller numbers
> and started to try. And yes, it4s quite nice and fun, but not
> as amazing as I thought, because the pitch of the drums is
> not so clear when you go down so my plan to play bass-line
> kind of things doesn4t really work out so good.
> But than I started to play around with the fx part of my
> sampler which is actually really nice for strange things. Did
> you ever hear a framedrum through a pitch shifter, chorus and
> gated reversed reverb? It4s wonderful. I really love it.
> There are great possibilities. I just started to try out and
> play with all the fx, pitch, filter etc and there is so much
> more, but already now it4s really crazy.
> All the best,
> David