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Re: Loop IV support group [Bay Area]

Wow, could I show up even though I don't have an EDP, ala Fight Club?  I 
might sleep better.

May you never be complete (your rack of gear, that is)


On Friday, June 14, 2002, at 08:35  PM, Si Butler wrote:

> I'd be into it doug. I live near the civic center, SF.
> Rgds, Simon Butler
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> From: Doug Lawrence [mailto:dlawren@pacbell.net]
> Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 8:14 PM
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> Subject: Re: Loop IV support group [Bay Area]
>> Is anyone in the bay area interested in getting together to 'practice'
> with
>> the new Loop IV software? Rather than a jam session, I was thinking
> along
>> the lines of an evening of discussion and exploration; a support
> group.
>> Everyone brings their echoplex and an input device of their choice to
> my
>> house, and we all try and figure out how to use them together, and
> practice
>> all the new tricks?
> I have a small project studio down in South San Francisco (19' x 22')
> that
> could be used as a meeting place and not have to worry about making
> noise.
> It's usually available on Wednesday evenings, Saturdays or Sundays.
> There's
> even a PA and 5-piece drum kit set-up there if needed. We could probably
> fit
> 6 -8  people in there with their gear.
> I haven't gotten my Loop IV upgrade yet, but I'm still figuring out Loop
> ... it would be nice to get some tips-and-tricks first hand.
> Anybody else interested?
> Doug