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Re: video from loopstock?

I only made videos for each performer of their individual 
performances.  Many of these captured only a portion their performance, 
the sound quality is relatively poor.  Aside from that, I would need to 
a DVD burner and authoring software (and learn how to use them) to be able 
to distribute it.

These things may happen in the future, but for now I'm trying to 
concentrate on finally recording some of my music.  If anybody has the 
time, energy, and resources to compile such a video and make it available, 
I would be more than willing to hand over the DV tapes (with the blessings 
of the performers, of course).

-Hans Lindauer

At 09:28 12/06/2002, you wrote:

>Hi, guys!
>Is this video from loopstock availablke to buy somewhere? Since here in 
>europe there is not really a "looping community" yet (hopefully it won´t 
>take too long), I would very much like to see it to see how you guys over 
>the ocean use the things.Probably I could get a lot of inspiration and 
>learn many things...
> >Mark Hamburg wrote:
> >Note that my original phrasing and the phrasing for this thread was/is 
> >attention" not "watch". I don't really care whether people watch me.
> >Watching the video from Loopstock confirmed for me that I pretty much
> >