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Re: The Best Live Drum Machine


see much more complete rewiews on the www.

here are some looper / personal things I love (I play acoustic guitar
seated and standing)
really the most looper friendly machine (pattern mode)

-you can select your patterns on the fly (16 per tune) by footsw (inc
only) by syx (random acces)
-you can mute or solo by hand some mute memory is provided
-I use track 1-8 for drums 9-16 for fx automation 
-if you liked the alesis mmt8 this is the 100 times replacement
-LoopIV aproved (I did all the sync testing with it)
-the sounds are "OK" for me (only stereo out)
-you can shift sync forwards or backwards in midi clock increments ( a
good way to fine tune that groove when synced to the edp sync IN or OUT)
-If you feel so you can grab one of its play parameter pots and play the
"big one" on the PA subs 
-there are plenty of preset patterns that you can use for instant
jams/creativity ; once you know this is "the new song" you need to
reprogram some to make it your own (I still use the four on the floor
preset paterns though =)....)
-floppy disk I save All my toys sysx on a rm1x pattern so if shit
happens I'm grumbly but not acoustic 



marcus savino wrote:
> Hi All,
> What are your favorite drum machines and why?
> Thanks!!
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