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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V02 #342

<<Stage was my door to what i call "my" music.
  it was the listening of that record which made 
 me curious about a that certain gtr player
(belew) who i really deeply love (know Twang Bar
King ?).>>

I bought Twang Bar King when I was about 12 or
13. I had read about Belew in the January 84
issue of Guitar Player (anyone remember that
cover shot of him with one of his hyper
customized Fender Mustangs with the Roland G
series guitar electronics?) and then subsequently
heard some of his work with King Crimson. Believe
it or not MTV actually aired a concert from the
Three Of A Perfect Pair tour. 

A year or two later, a used copy of Twang Bar
King turned up at my favorite used record
emporium (which, sadly, closed it's doors 8 years
ago). I distinctly remember begging my mom for
the money to buy the record, and my dad asking
why I can't just tape it off the radio
(apparently, he's never tried to tape an ENTIRE
ALBUM off the radio, nor cared to look album
artwork, read the liner notes, lyrics, etc). I
remember liking the "pop" songs, but was mainly
attracted by Ade's guitar playing and his "weird'
stuff (ie She Is Not Dead, Ballet For A Blue
Whale, etc).

Last year, I got the album out again after not
listening to it many years. Unfortunately, it's
now has a few scratches on it, but apart from
that, it's still a stunner. I had completley
forgotten how great it is, and was taken aback
especially by the songwriting!!! Particularly, I
was stunned by The Rail Song. I'm sure I didn't
really comprehend what that song was about when I
was 12, but this time, listening to the song
brought tears to my eyes! 

Last Fall, I saw several King Crimson shows, and
at the show in Detroit, I brought Twang Bar King
and had Adrian sign (his signature looks EXACTLY
like the way his name is written on that album
cover, btw) and he mentioned that he's trying to
get it reissued on CD. I told him if he's
successful at that, I'll be the first in line!

May you never thirst!
The Scuba Diver Presently Known As Chris

"What do you get when you give a yo-yo to a flock of flamingos?"-James 
Earl Jones

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