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Re: Looper Moving!

the only places with houses for $150000 are too far from San Francisco.  You'd have to go due east and end up in the middle of no where.
I think the median home price in the Bay Area is around $280000
even places like santa rosa/petaluma are not too cheap because they are close to the wine country (napa).
I live in SF and work in Emeryville, which is right across the Bay, nestled against hiway 80 and bordering berkeley and oakland.  There are a lot of empty lofts for sale there and prices are fairly reasonable i'm told.  from there, its a ten minute drive to SF without traffic.  I really like working there b/c parking is good, stuff is cheaper and you're still close to a lot.
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Sent: Monday, June 03, 2002 12:57 PM
Subject: Looper Moving!

After being on this list now for around 8 months I have to say Iím quite jealous of you California Loopers.

Having LoopStock and all I just canít resist anymore I feel compelled to move closer to the action.


Currently Iím located in Chicago, IL. Iím considering moving near the bay area but very concerned

about the cost of living. (Chicago isnít so inexpensive either but I have heard frightening things about San Francisco)

Iím a freelance web developer and money is tight right now.


Can any of you locals suggest any small towns within 50 Ė 100 miles of San Francisco that have a reasonable

cost of living. (Reasonable meaning being able to buy a house for under $150,000) Iím sorry if my question is rather

vague but I figure house cost is a good place to start. I donít mind living somewhat in the middle of nowhere either.


Thanks a bunch!

Kevin McPeak