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Re: live funk guitar loops

Stuart Wyatt wrote:
> Hi Si,
> Welcome to the list! (I've only just joined too)
> Check out the Electrix Repeater at http://www.electrixpro.com - it
> allows for tap tempo changes, altering the loops without vastly changing
> the quality of the sound. You can also sync the rhythm to a live
> drummer, but the problem is, is that there is only one audio input - so
> it is impossible to shield the drum sound from your own guitar loops.
> However, there should be a possibility of finding a cheap unit that will
> listen to the bass drum sound, and convert it into a midi BPM... (any
> ideas?)
> Whilst the Repeater has a few flaws, it is in my opinion the most
> feature-filled dedicated looper to date.

if you say Mac I say Pc if you say Repeater I say EDP (Echoplex Digital

As speaking of your opinion on the peater its yours, but you somehow
restrict the value of it by not knowing the EDP' and her features (she's
feminine for me)